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The heavy mechanical transmission of rock bucket type dump truck TR100 (one)
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By the Inner Mongolia North heavy automobile Limited by Share Ltd (NHL) and the Anglo American joint venture produced mine heavy machinery wheel dump truck.

Basic parameter
Maximum torque: 1300 RPM / min 4631 nm (3415 LB ft).
Cylinder number / arrangement form: 12 cylinder V shape
Bore X stroke: 159x159 mm (6.25x6.25 inches)
Displacement: 37.7 litres (2300 cubic feet)
Starting: Electronic
Maximum speed, full load: 2100 RPM / min
Maximum speed, no load: 2400 RPM / min
Idle speed: 750 RPM / min
Safe working angle: 30 degrees / 60 degrees slope

Manufacturer / Cummins KIA-38-C1050
Type: 4 stroke, Turbocharged / medium cooling
Total power (SAE): 2100 kW (1050 HP) at 783 rpm
Net power (SAK): 2100 RPM / min 727 kW (975 HP)
Note: power rating reached J1995 SAE June 1990. The value of the quasi - net power for the removal of fan and AC generator.

 Engines are required to dial 3050 meters (10000 feet) in the sea without reducing the rating.

transmission case
Manufacturer / model: Allison DP-8963-CEC
Full automatic electronic control, soft shift mode, frame long distance installation, independent TC890 torque converter and gear wheel rim.

 6 forward gears and a reverse gears, automatic torque converter in all gear lock, with downshift suppressor and hydraulic retarder.

Drive axle
Heavy duty drive axle, with first order reduction spiral bevel gear differential, full floating axle side wheel side reducer.
Transmission ratio standard selection
Differential: 2.16:1, 2.16:1

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